The secret to giving cheap & successful gifts

Oh hey there, Procrastination Paula! If you’re reading this, you’re likely desperate for some last minute gift-spiration. The good news is, a grin from your giftee is within reach. The bad news is… it’s gonna require some deep thinking. Because the key to giving is knowing that:

The best presents make people feel understood on a fundamental level. 

Sure, a shiny necklace or smart speaker will win you superficial points. But the best gifts say “Hey! Not only do I care about you, but I KNOW you! I get what you value, what tickles you and what you really need.” Here are some pointers:

-Remembering something from earlier in the year will always win you cred. Scan your olds texts and emails for inspiration.

-What can you do or make that nobody else could possibly do or make?

-What inside joke could you turn into a one-off product? (shirt, magnet, etc)

-What would come in handy while they’re off from work in the next week?

-What drives them nuts that you can quickly solve? (i.e.: If they hate giving gifts, why not make them a box of $5-$10 pre-wrapped gifts?)

-What do they need but would never buy themselves?

-What personalized service from you could you turn into a gift certificate?

-If you’ve made a mistake in the past, what gift would acknowledge it in a charming way?

-What do they have that’s broken and has needed repair forever?

Sure, “It’s the thought that counts”… but center your thoughts on who they really are… and they’ll count you as one of their favorite people.

Note: If you don’t want to find yourself in this situation next year, do yourself a favor and create a little digital note pad on your phone. Then start listening. At some point, they will tell you everything their heart desires. 

Happy Holidays!