Odd Regular Jobs

If you’ve got a penchant for random adventures, but long for work that’s a little more consistent, you may be looking for an odd regular job.

You won’t necessarily find these on job boards. They’re the kinds of roles people accidentally fall into, but if you know where to look, you can figure out where to step. We humbly submit five odd regular jobs that have recently come on our radar:


[Via Fusion] A new, lucrative form of online video where anonymous hands take apart toy packages.  We know. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to us either. But parents watch, presumably, to make sure they know what they’re buying (Or perhaps there’s a fetish audience we’re too “vanilla” to know about?) Regardless, the top channel on Youtube is making nearly five million dollars a year.  Read more here. 

Undercover Proposal Photographer







[Via NY Times]

Secret proposals require secret photos that don’t ruin the surprise. Enter the long-lensed proposal photographer. Vlad Leto, in a profile for the NY Times, describe it as being like “James Bond.” He charges $250 and up. Check out his engagement blog, but grab a hanky first.

Cat Wrangler










[Via CN Traveler] Alice De Almeida is the “Chief Cat Wrangler” at NY’s famously odd Algonquin Hotel.  As she describes in this profile, a typical day includes tending to Matilda’s needs and managing her social media accounts. Sounds like the cat’s pajamas.


Ethical Hacker






Be a Devil’s advocate for the internet age! Ethical, or “White Hat” Hackers are hired by companies serious about safety to penetrate their security protocols. A background in IT and a certificate program can help you land one of these six figure cyber-gigs. Chris Hemsworth-caliber looks not required. Check out this PC Mag article on how to become one.

Furniture Tester

Screen shot 2015-01-20 at 3.39.09 PM








[Via Career Addict] Professional lardos rejoice! Companies like Lazy-Boy still believe in human ergonomic testing. FIRA international certifies testers who can earn anywhere from 50k-70k a year.