The best job board isn’t OddJobNation

[highlight ]”I’ve seen every qualified person in the universe for the job and you are, objectively, the best candidate.” [/highlight]

-No one ever

I recently hired an employee. Of the 100 emails I received,  30 seemed like capable candidates. Of those 30, I emailed 5 based on gut feelings. Of those five, I met the two that responded first. I then hired the second girl I met… based primarily on instinct.

Am I happy with who hired? Absolutely (Hi Courtney!). Do I know whether I hired the best person? No clue.

This is how it goes. Always. If you think the hiring process is rational, think again.

I’m not saying don’t apply for jobs on OJN, Craigslist and LinkedIn. It may be a game of luck meeting opportunity, but people win everyday.

But really, the best job board isn’t online. It’s the people you know in real life. And the people they know.

Who should you ask?

People who value their time more than they value money. 

They likely have things they need doing and don’t even feel like they have time to look for someone to do it. Once you build their trust, they’ll use you again and again.

If it feels humbling to ask your friend’s if they need help, be honest about that. There’s power in vulnerability.

You can work on being the best looking, most promising apple in a sea of apples. Or you can be an orange in a box of one.