Smartphone Based Jobs [Master List]

You’ve got time, you’ve got a smart-ish phone and you need some cash. Where to begin?

It seems like there’s a new startup starting up everyday, so we figured it was time to keep a running list. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

Disclaimers:  We noticed an uptick in the amount of spam we received after signing up for some of these, so consider using a secondary email. 

Also, Odd Job Nation does not personally vouch for any of these services. Explore at your own risk. 






Uber, Lyft and Sidecar – Become a taxi driver without becoming a taxi driver. Requires specific licenses, depending on company and location.

Task Rabbit– Recently pivoted, Task Rabbit now allows people in your city to book time with you to do the tasks of you’re choosing at the price of your choosing. Requires application. Available in 19 cities.

Instacart– Earn up to $25 hour shopping for lazy people. Available in 12 cities and counting.

Shyp– Pick up and mail lazy people’s packages. Available in 4 cities and counting

Handy– Make up to 22$/hour cleaning or $45/hour as a handyman-woman. Available in 36 cities.

Field Agent: Perform market research tasks which can be completed with surveys, photos, data, videos or audio and get cash for each task. You have to sign up and a project manager will contact you. Android and IOS.

Gigwalk: Perform tasks in your area. Gigs can take a few minutes or a few hours and you can earn between $3 and $100 for each one. Android and IOS.

WunWun: Deliver stuff to rich and lazy people. Available in 3 cities






Jingit: Earn cash online or in-store. Get cash for simply picking up your favorite products and scanning your receipts. Android and IOS.

Checkout 51: Buy groceries and earn cash back on select products. Android and IOS.

Mobee: Many brands suffer from a retail “blindspot”. This app users consumers to help rectify them. Go undercover as a mystery shopper in your local stores. Users are enthusiastic about this app. Android and IOS.

Rewardable: Get paid while you shop by completing tasks near you. Depending on where you live and where you shop the tasks might be frequent or sporadic. Android and IOS.

iPoll: Get paid to give your opinion on products and services you use every day. Users say polls can be infrequent. Android and IOS.

Shopkick: This shopping app helps you discover the best products and rewards in popular stores such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy and Crate and Barrel among others. You can earn “kicks” (points) by scanning items in stores near you and making qualifying purchases. The kicks can then be redeemed as gift cards. Android or IOS.

iBotta: Unlock rebate offers by purchasing items and scanning the receipts. You can get cash via paypal or giftcards. Android and IOS.

Receipt hog: Take photos of receipts for cash no matter where you shop or what you buy. Users have reported problems with more recent versions of the app. Android and IOS.

Checkpoints: Check in at stores and scan barcodes, take quizzes online, watch videos and shop the web. Rewards redeemable in giftcards. Android and IOS.

Neilsen Homescan: Scan barcodes in stores and earn points to redeem in gift catalogue. Application required. 


Easy Shift: Shifts include tasks such as taking photos of promotional displays and food items. Shifts can be found in hundreds of cities in malls, coffee shops, grocery stores and are added daily. Android and IOS.

Shoparoo: You can turn shopping receipts into money for schools. Android and IOS.

*Gigwalk, ibotta, Jingit, Field Agent and Checkout 51 seem to be the preferred shopping task apps among users.







Slidejoy: This app serves ads on your homescreen and all you have to do is swipe to unlock your phone as usual. The company says you can earn between $5-$15 a month, but in reality it seems the payout is lower. You can cash out your earnings via Square Cash/Paypal or donate to charity. Android only.

Screenpay: Similar to Slidejoy. But they pay you a flat rate of $3/month instead of depending on usage. Android only.

Locket: Similar to Slidejoy and Screenpay. You can earn up to $260 a month, but you would have to unlock your phone 3 times an hour 24 hours a day to reach that. Android only.

Media Research Panel: Their line is “earn rewards by simply using your mobile device as you normally do on a daily basis!” You do have to do a little more than that, including running the app at least 5 days a week and use it to capture your TV viewing at least once a week. You have to run Download the app on up to 3 devices and earn $5/month per device. Multiples device options.







i-say mobile: One of the more legitimate survey apps out there. Again, it takes a long time to acquire points and a lot of points are required to cash out or get giftcards. Android and IOS.

Google Opinion Awards: Write opinions for Google play credit. Each survey earns you points that are equivalent to $1 and the surveys are infrequent. Android only.

Swagbucks: A loyalty program, get giftcards for answering surveys among other things. Android and IOS. Pretty much says it all, surveys. But very low return. You have to fill out a lot of surveys to get a substantial number of points, and by that point, it’s hardly worth it. Points get you cash or gift cards and you can enter sweepstakes to win bigger gift cards. Android and IOS.

Engaging with new apps:

App trailers: Watch App trailers for point towards instant gift cards or cash via Paypal. Users have reported a few bugs, but the new version seems to have corrected them. Android and IOS.


Other online activities: 

Viggle: Warch TV and listen to music for gift cards. The app will listen to TV and music that you engage with and give you points towards movies, music and TV shows on their website. Apparently users have experienced a lot of kinks in the app. Android and IOS.

inboxdollars: Gives you money to search the web, play games and take surveys. The most highly rated app from consumers. Short surveys can earn $.025-$0.50, longer surveys are very long, but earn more money. Android and IOS.

Perk: Earn points while you shop, watch tv, and share stuff online. Highly rated, can earn points towards gift cards. Android and IOS.

Mylikes: Create endorsements for products on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Youtube. Earn money based on clicks. Available for Android and IOS.

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Make money working on Human Intelligence tasks through Amazon. Billed as a marketplace for work. Website, not an app.






Pact: Get paid to meet your exercise and healthy eating goals, pay up when you don’t. You set your own goals and what you’ll pay other Pact members if you don’t achieve them.  Android and IOS.

Fiverr: An online marketplace for a wide range of services. Users can create their gig and start selling. Users have rated the app very positively. Android and IOS.

Splinster: Rent your bike, surfboard or snow gear for cash in the peer-to-peer economy.