10 Oddest Jobs of the Week [Vol. 1]

OJN has scoured the boards to bring you the 10 oddest jobs available in the workosphere. If this new weekly column suits your fancy, subscribe over on the right side, whydontcha? By: Lauren Oppelt & Jeremy Redleaf

Catastrophic Storm Insurance Adjuster

“C’mon Hurricane Chad! Momma needs a toaster oven!”

Seamstress/Tailor for a Children’s Leprechaun Costume

She can’t sew but she knows what she wants- a lifetime of shame and ridicule for her child. It’s magically delicious!


Need Experienced Person To Build A Cage
A man needs a giant iguana cage built TODAY, and he will pay you according to your level of creativity.
Must have experience with a crazy herpetophile.
Wigmaker Needs Guys With Curly Hair
For all you Chad Danforth lookalikes… this guy will give you 200 benjamins for your luscious locks.
Hey, does anyone know which Applebee’s Justin Guarini works at?

Quinceanera Dress Model
You must have your own dress. You will not be paid. On the upside, the 3 foot tulle protective barrier will most likely keep you safe from this guy. Wasn’t turning 15 bad enough the first time? http://twurl.nl/dsx0sy
Lice Removal Technicians
Actual Quote: “If you are a people’s person and like working with families this job is for you.” Really? Really? http://twurl.nl/52pg4b

Couple To Be Cook/Butler
An international delegate is seeking a live-in couple to cook cuisine from around the world… because the secret ingredient is ‘love’?


Masochist Study Get paid to hate yourself in front of a bunch of smarties. Britney Spears does it, why can’t you? http://twurl.nl/08ci1f

Experienced Tree Climber
They need a monkey man to climb trees. Why? We’re not really sure. But the compensation is “generous” and “includes benefits” You didn’t hear it from us, but we’re thinking it’d be easy to fake a workman’s comp claim.
Boat Captain
Ahoy Matey! This Kentucky based boat company needs a qualified boat captain! $80-$100 K per year! If you have previous experience, please contact this guy —->
Dancing Extras in a Rap Video
See what happens when the delicate are compelled to “crunk it” in this installment of our critically acclaimed web series “Odd Jobs”