Top 10 Oddest Jobs of the Week- [Vol 3]

OJN has scoured the boards to bring you the 10 oddest jobs available in the workosphere. If this column suits your fancy, subscribe over on the right side, whydontcha?

By: Lauren OppeltJeremy Redleaf


New York, NY

This pro-active nerd is willing to pay an “introduction specialist” $10 per phone number that doesn’t start with 555… good luck to you.

Summer Snake Sitter

Somewhere in Maine/Negotiable Compensation

Because hanging out with someone who might eat you is way more exciting than making copies at a fashion internship.

Seeking Finger or Toe Amputee for Prosthetic Modeling

Birmingham, AL/ $100 per session

If you’ve don’t got it, flaunt it…

Cowboy Poet for BBQ Entertainment

Corrales, NM/ “Fair Pay TBD”

“Shall I compare thee to a tender brisket?”

Muffin Top Models for Music Video

New York, NY/ No Pay

“No real acting involved, just be willing to have yourself videoed on the streets of Manhattan with your MT showing, and having handsome actors admire you as you go by”

Because there’s no better way to say “f-you” to your flab than by becoming an internet meme.

Write for Blood Knot Magazine (Fly Fishing)

Worldwide/ No Pay

“If you’re passionate about fly fishing and want to share that passion through prose, drop us a line.”

…Get it? A line? … please help them.

Moon Bounce Driver

Philadelphia, PA/ $25 per hour

“Wanna go back to my bouncy castle?” has a nice ring to it…

Pet Waste Technician

Middleton, Delaware/ $8-10 per hour

While we appreciate the dignity of the title, let’s call a spade a spade here… you’re gonna be slinging a lot of poop.

Pool Shark Needed for Wedding Party

Portland, ME/ $50-$75 per hour

Drunk-cle Charlie is gonna LOVE the backwards bank shot…

I Need A Chimney Sweep

Auburn, ME/Negotiable

Uh, we were just looking for an excuse to embed this video. Chim Chiminee Chim Chiminee…