The 10 Oddest Jobs of the Week [Vol. 2]

OJN has scoured the boards to bring you the 10 oddest jobs available in the workosphere. If this  column suits your fancy, subscribe over on the right side, whydontcha?

By: Lauren OppeltJeremy Redleaf


Rice Eaters

Orange County, CA- $75/hr.

Apparently, now they’re paying people to eat carbs in California…


Host/Facilitator For Beer Pong Tournaments

National Tour- Commission Based

Name like “Porkchop” or “Toopher” helpful, but not necessary.


Online Focus Group for Online Members of the Asthma Community

Online- $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

It’s online, in case you were feeling a little self-conscious about the size of your inhaler.


Need Beautiful Female For Assignment

Houston, TX

“I am in need of a beautiful female (preferably latina) for… a mission. But you must be very attractive to complete it.” I can’t confirm anything, but his name might be Charlie… And the mission might be in his pants.


Exercise Cheerleader

New York, NY- $30

R-Y-A-N stretch your legs out towards the den!


Write Apology Letter or Nice Original Poem

Atlanta, GA- $20

“To a guy. Apologize for not being able to express emotion… We have a lot of fun, but I see pain in his eyes sometimes.”

Because nothing says “I love you”… like having some else say it.


Casting Elvis Impersonators

Minneapolis, MN

Calling all out-of-work Elvi! Screw Vegas; Minneapolis has four seasons and an abundance of blue suede opportunities!


Warriors Needed!!!

Atlanta, GA

“I am looking for a big hairy warrior that likes to yell loudly and wave his banner high and proud for Warrior Bash 2010!”

Yeah, me too buddy. Please apply at Also accepting applications for Cowboys and Lumberjacks.


Mock Jurors Needed

Seattle, WA- $50/3 hrs.

Get paid to hypothetically convict pedophiles and arsons… justice will be served with a pizza break.


Singing Telegram Messenger

Salt Lake City, UT- Pay Based on Performance

You will get paid based on your telegram talents, but don’t be fooled, you won’t get rich doing it.” And, uh, make sure you don’t let this happen: