Erik Liberman: Life Lessons working as a Janitor

Our friend Erik Liberman is now a successful actor on Broadway. But even though he calls luminaries like Hal Prince and Ann Reinking mentors, he learned the important stuff from his time as a janitor.  Click the play button above to watch his moving story from The Moth Storyslam.

Tell us about yourself in Haiku form

Shapeshifter aiming

to open hearts through the arts

(my own first, of course).

Now you’re a successful actor. What are some other odd jobs you’ve held? 

Dozens.  I’ve separated beans from stones in a Mexican restaurant, scraped paint off window panes in mansions, coat-checked in Beverly Hills (where parents actually checked in their kids)… and I’ve helped dozens of people “de-hoard” their houses, garages and storage units.

What advice would you give to someone coming out of school who’s trying to hustle while pursuing their dream?

Frame daily actions against your ultimate goal.  Reverse-engineer from the dream to today.