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School History

High School: Colonial Forge

College: Germanna – 1 3/4 yr

Major: Anatomy/Human Physiology
Minor: Business Management/Entrepreneurship
GPA: 3.9
Awards: Deans List/ Academic Honors/ perfect attendance

Partial Work History

Company: Kroger Bistro

Position: Line Cook
Duration: 2 1/2 Years
Compensation: Hourly
Supervisor: Sean Kerns – Head Chef
duties: Open/Closing shifts, assist in training of new employees, preparing sides and main course Bistro meals, set up/break down/clean up of all hot and cold cases/prep tables/dish’s, assist in all other areas of store operations (Meat dep, Seafood, Deli, Stock, Grocery, Overnight, Unloading dock/breakdown.

Company: Pizza Hut

Position: Head Cook/Shift Manager
Duration: 1 1/2 years
Compensation: Hourly
Supervisor: Gary Jenkins – Manager
Duties: Open/Close store, Manage scheduling, prepare dough and supplies, inventory, sales & customer service, bank drop, pizza/meal preparation, clean prep tables/dish’s/all areas, train new employees, assist & supervise in all areas of operation.

Company: JGS Enterprises LLC.

Position: Master Fabricator/Sales
Duration: 6 years
Compensation: Hourly
Supervisor: Jeffery Goldstein
Duties: Assist in design & manufacture of all prototypes, conceptual design & construction of all Astro-observatories and electronics, work independently in all areas of operation/overseeing all product testing and quality control, train & instruct new employees, packaging/sales & customer service, representative at all east coast & mid-west astronomy conventions.

Company: Leonard Drywall

Position: Journeyman Carpenter/Finisher
Duration: 5 years
Compensation: Hourly/piece work
Supervisor: Fred Leonard-owner
Duties: assist in all construction & home additions, roofing, siding, carpentry, Plumbing, drywall & finishing work.

Company: Bourbon Room/ Grape Vine/ Cafe New Orleans/ Spirits

Position: Cook / Security (bouncer)
Duration: 1 1/2 years
Compensation: HOURLY
Supervisor: Jefferson Nazworth
Duties: Customer service, mediate/adjudicate disagreeable or hostile situations & patrons, break up bar fights, permit or bar entry according to age limits, clean up.

Company: White Oak Hill Farm, Skyland Ranch, Fuller Ranch

Position: Operations Supervisor
Duration: 12 years
Compensation: N/A
Supervisor: N/A
Duties: Travel & maintain/perform repairs on all high tension fencing & voltage fencing lines, maintain & preform repairs on all farm equipment & vehicles, operate all farm equipment and vehicles, supervise training for new employees on safe use of machinery and vehicles, oversee all Hiring & Firing of employees,
provide medical attention to all animals & employees if needed,
assist and oversee all birthing & burials of livestock, seed fields, landscaping, maintain/preform repairs to all structures (carpentry, plumbing, drywall, etc), oversee all aspects of operations & safety, sales & customer service, feed & maintain all livestock.

–  Skills I am proficient in:

●Carpentry (woodworking, framing, flooring, demo, etc)
●painting, Drywall & Finishing work.
●Landscaping & tree removal, Bush hog & brush clearing
●Electric and high tensile fencing
●Saddle care & Leather treatment/repair
● Livestock rotation, Light/General veterinary care and immunizations
● Multiple forms of Fabrication (HVAC ducts, fittings, receivers, pvc, Mylar & Vinyl, All metals: sheet/ rod/or raw, carbon fiber, epoxy, etc if it can be drilled, carved, or molded, Ill make it work.)
●Mill/Press/Lathe/& CNC operations
● Restoration- prep/prime/paint/sand/some body work
●removal & replacement of: DISK brake systems/drive train / cooling system/suspension/ lighting and relay systems/ window relays and motors / upper manifold gaskets and seal replacement/ intake and filtration systems/ Transmission; flush, seals, filter, and shift solenoid replacement, all preventative maintenance.

●Multiple years training in culinary arts and Awards held in Virginia State Fair. I have held positions such as Line Cook & Short Order Chef for Kroger & Ukrops Bistros.
● I Have held management positions for multiple businesses such as Pizza Hut, movie time, Pro wash, & Oak Hill Ranch.
●Backup/relief supervisor for several more.

●I have been successful as a sales coordinator & customer service representative, website moderator and Logistics specialist.
●I have held multiple volunteer positions for non-profit organizations such as World changers; Traveling the east coast building houses for the homeless and assisting the elderly with home renovations, Food-not-Bombs (Feeding the homeless) and Friends of the Rappahannock; assisting in Forest & trail restoration, and Large charity ball events such as Riverfest.
●I am an accomplished Marksman & Horseman, trained with Pistol/Rifle/or Bow, and in riding English/Western/or Bareback.

~ I can give references for all things .

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