Joseph Charles Butler Freelancer

Evansville , Indiana $35 / hour Im willing to pick up your Area of ALL Cigarette Butts My Freelancer Employee Payment Profile.

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๏קรςz)))(()| hello and yes im looking to be hired for a short term and Odd job. I want to make my Environment more Friendly and Greener Cleaner by CHJoseph Biz by picking up ALL and ANY Loose Cigarette Butts. The Current Currency for Cigarette Butts is 0.05$ per butt and want to be compensated for cleaning up your community that you are sick and tired of looking at Cigarette Butts on the ground and wish to it be cleaner so you can see a Greener Cleaner Tomorrow.

๏קรςz)))(()| These Cigarette Butts will not just be thrown away but Recycled into Clothing and into Soap, and into Womans Dresses, and Hats, I also heard possible backpacks, and Plastic Pallets.

๏קรςz)))(()| Please let me help you. and Help clean up your community. Im so psyched about wanting to do this and i would love to meet some new people and get to make friends and Real Network Connections working together to provide a Greener Cleaner Earth To Live On.

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